HydraFacial® in Hyannis & Cape Cod, MA

Ready for the best skin of your life? Our HydraFacials in Hyannis and Cape Cod are the latest and greatest way to maintain healthy, glowing, radiant skin! Designed to tackle a variety of concerns including hyperpigmentation, aging, and even dehydration, this treatment powerhouse can leave you refreshed and rejuvenated. Visit Laser Aesthetics of Cape Cod and pair this amazing treatment with our laser and injectable options to take your skin beauty to the next level! For hair restoration and support, we also offer the amazing HydraFacial® MD Keravive™ treatment option.


The HydraFacial® MD ELITE System is a cutting-edge, medical-grade solution for rejuvenating and preserving vibrant skin. Leveraging patented technology, this adaptable treatment incorporates potent serums, rich in nourishing components, to amplify your inherent radiance. The process unfolds in three straightforward phases: Cleansing & Peeling, Extracting & Hydrating, and Fusing & Protecting, each designed to optimize your skin’s health and appearance.

Hundreds of customizable treatment options personalize every HydraFacial® MD ELITE experience at Laser Aesthetics. The beauty of the HydraFacial® MD ELITE system is that it is great for all skin types! Even those with sensitive skin or acne can reap the full benefits of this effective and refreshing treatment.

Man getting a HydraFacial treatment


During your facial rejuvenation treatment, your skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated to loosen dead skin cells and debris. The debris is then cleared away with the patented Vortex Extraction process. Finally, your skin is infused with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow.

What Are the Benefits of a HydraFacial?

Improvement in Age Spots, Brown Spots, and Hyperpigmentation

Addressing discolorations like age spots, brown spots, and hyperpigmentation, the effectiveness of a HydraFacial treatment lies in its gentle exfoliation and the way it encourages new cell growth. This approach not only evens out skin tone but also significantly diminishes visible pigmentation irregularities.

Treatment for Acne

For individuals struggling with acne, HydraFacial cleansing offers a highly effective solution. By deeply cleansing the skin, it efficiently unclogs pores and eliminates impurities. With its specialized serums that target the underlying causes of acne, this treatment helps promote a healthier and clearer complexion.

Improved Hydration of the Skin

Hydration is key to maintaining skin health, and this is where the HydraFacial excels. By infusing the skin with hydrating serums, it tackles dryness and dehydration, leaving the skin supple and revitalized.

Brightening of Dull, Tired Skin

Tired, lackluster skin receives a radiant boost from the combination of exfoliation and nourishing serums that are part of HydraFacial’s benefits. This treatment transforms dull skin, revealing a luminous and youthful complexion.

Reduction in Fine Lines and Wrinkles

This non-invasive facial stands out in its ability to soften fine lines and wrinkles. By gently resurfacing the skin and enhancing collagen production, it paves the way for smoother, younger-looking skin without having to use more invasive methods.

Combinable With Other Treatments

The HydraFacial’s versatility shines in its compatibility with other facial rejuvenation treatments like laser devices, Botox, and Juvederm. This combination enables a comprehensive skincare approach, allowing for tailored treatments that effectively address multiple concerns.

Pain-Free and Relaxing

The HydraFacial stands out for its pain-free and relaxing approach. Offering a soothing experience, it’s ideal for effective skincare without discomfort, and it can be used regularly to nourish and cleanse your skin.

Introducing HydraFacial MD Keravive™ for a Healthy Scalp and Fuller-Looking Hair!

HydraFacial® MD Keravive™ is designed for anyone looking to improve their scalp health and experience fuller-looking hair! This special treatment option is designed to cleanse, stimulate, nourish, and hydrate your scalp. 

Similar to the HydraFacial® MD approach, the treatment starts by thoroughly cleaning and exfoliating the scalp. This step effectively removes dirt, oil, and other impurities from the hair follicles. Following this, the scalp receives nourishment and stimulation through the HydraFacial® MD Keravive™ Peptide Complex Solution. This exclusive concoction is infused with a blend of growth factors and proteins, aiming to foster thicker, more robust hair. Post-treatment, you’ll be equipped with the solution for daily home use, providing ongoing hair health and vitality.

Pair this treatment with our other Hair Restoration treatment options like Platelet Rich Plasma, Theradome LED Light Cap, and Nutrafol for the ultimate in hair restoration!

Visit our Hair Restoration page for more information!

Add-Ons to Complete Your HydraFacial Treatment

  • Medical Boosters (a.k.a. Super Serums).*
  • Wet Diamond Tip (for extra exfoliation).*
  • Red LED lights for Redness and anti-aging Blue LED Lights for acne.
  • Eye and lip enhancers.
  • Lymphatic Drainage – for the ultimate skin detoxification.
  • Scalp treatments for healthier and fuller-looking hair!

* Only available to physicians and medical offices!

Our HydraFacial FAQs

The frequency of receiving a HydraFacial depends on your specific skin needs and goals. Generally, it is recommended to have a HydraFacial once every four to six weeks to maintain skin health and vitality.

With HydraFacial cleansing, there’s no downtime. In fact, you’ll likely notice an immediate radiance and feel more rejuvenated post-treatment, giving you an extra glow as you go back to work or attend a special event.

A HydraFacial treatment is versatile, primarily targeting the face, neck, décolletage, and scalp. However, its gentle and effective nature allows it to be used on other areas of the body as desired.

A typical non-invasive facial session takes about 30 to 60 minutes. You can easily fit it into your day, making it perfect for those who are looking for a skin treatment that’s quick but also effective.

Preparing for a HydraFacial involves minimal steps. It’s best to avoid using retinol or other harsh skin products a few days before the treatment and to arrive with a clean face. Follow any other specific instructions given to you by your dermatologist for best results.

Get HydraFacial MD Treatments at Laser Aesthetics of Cape Cod

The HydraFacial at Laser Aesthetics of Cape Cod offers a unique blend of skin rejuvenation and relaxation. Experiencing a HydraFacial near Hyannis or Cape Cod, MA, means indulging in a treatment that’s tailored to your specific skin needs, enhancing your natural beauty and skin health.

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