Hair Restoration in Hyannis & Cape Cod, MA

Hair growth supplements, special shampoos, hair sprays — you’ve tried it all and you’re still losing your hair! Male and female pattern baldness is a common issue shared by a large portion of the population.

At Laser Aesthetics of Cape Cod, we know how unpleasant hair loss can be, which is why we’re so happy to offer our hair restoration treatments to our beautiful Cape Cod community. We have several different treatments such as PRP injections and laser treatments that can be used to slow down your hair loss and make your hair thicker and healthier. 

What Is Hair Restoration?

Hair restoration treatments are non-invasive ways to revitalize the scalp and promote hair growth. There are many different types of hair thinning treatments for women and men that can target the root cause of the problem. Our hair restoration treatments use technology that has been developed to help your body heal, providing you with fuller and healthier hair without having to rely on medication or have an invasive procedure.

What Can Hair Restoration Treat?

  • Androgenetic Alopecia: A common form of hair loss affecting both genders, this condition is influenced by genetics and hormonal changes, leading to a predictable pattern of thinning hair. Hair restoration techniques can target these areas, encouraging hair growth and density.
  • Stress-Related Hair Loss: Often temporary, stress can cause thinning hair by disrupting the normal hair growth cycle. Non-invasive hair restoration methods help rejuvenate the hair follicles, promoting healthier hair growth during periods of stress.
  • Damaged Hair: Frequent exposure to heat styling, environmental pollutants, chlorine, and harsh hair products can lead to damaged strands. However, hair thinning solutions focus on revitalizing the hair from the roots, enhancing strength and elasticity to combat these external aggressors.
  • An Unhealthy Scalp: A foundation for hair growth, an unhealthy scalp — plagued by conditions like dandruff, oiliness, or dryness — can hinder hair health. Hair restoration aims to restore scalp health, creating an optimal environment for hair to thrive.
  • Thin, Fragile Hair: When hair becomes thin and fragile, it’s often more susceptible to breakage. Hair thinning solutions are designed to fortify the hair, increasing its resilience and promoting a fuller appearance through targeted scalp and hair follicle treatment.

Our Hair Restoration Options

PRP and PRF Treatments

What Is PRP/PRF for Hair? 

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a hair loss solution that has tissue healing and regeneration properties. This non-surgical option works by using PRP acquired from a sample of your blood to cause hair follicles to become healthier in thinning areas. When applied to the scalp, usually through injection, the concentrated platelets and proteins that have been extracted from your blood can stimulate your hair follicles, helping them to regenerate and promoting continual hair regeneration well after the treatment is completed.

PRP is suitable for many patients with hair loss. However, patients who have irritation or infections on their scalp along with diabetes or coagulation diseases may not be right for this treatment. If you are on blood thinning and/or immunosuppressive medications, be sure to mention this to us during your consultation.

What to Expect From the PRP Treatment Process

We will begin by extracting blood from your arm and placing it in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the other blood components. Afterward, we will inject the PRP into your scalp; a local anesthetic can be applied to minimize pain and discomfort. Several treatments at six-week intervals may be recommended for best results. Additional thinning hair treatments can be done every six to 12 months if needed.

What to Expect From Your PRP Hair Restoration Results

Recovery after PRP treatments can involve some soreness and swelling of the scalp. However, this usually only lasts for a day or so. During this time, it’s important to avoid vigorous physical activity and sweating to avoid any additional irritation. Results vary from patient-to-patient, but can usually be seen in as early as one to two months. Optimal results can be seen roughly three to six months after the treatment.

Hydrafacial® Keravive™

Hydrafacial® MD Keravive™ is a hair restoration treatment that can enhance scalp health and support fuller-looking hair. With this treatment we start by deeply cleansing and exfoliating the scalp, removing impurities and build-up from the hair follicles. Following this cleansing process, the scalp receives a boost from the HydraFacial® MD Keravive™ Peptide Complex Solution, a potent mix of growth factors and proteins aimed at nourishing and stimulating the scalp. Then we will provide you with a take-home solution to continuously care for your scalp, promoting lasting results and healthier, thicker hair.

Theradome® Pro LH80

The Theradome® Pro LH80 targets the stem cells at the base of hair follicles, creating new pathways that encourage hair to return to a healthier state. Its unique design meets stringent scientific standards to deliver a powerful laser treatment that can be used comfortably at home. Whether used on its own or alongside other treatments, Theradome® offers a convenient yet effective way to enhance hair growth, making it an ideal option for those seeking to improve their hair’s health and appearance.

Nutrafol® Supplements

Nutrafol is a range of supplements that provide your body with everything it needs for strong and healthy hair. These products can target several different causes such as genetics, aging, stress, metabolism, hormones, and environmental factors. Its proprietary Synergen Complex is loaded with high-quality, natural ingredients like Ashwagandha, Saw Palmetto, and Marine Collagen, addressing hair thinning at its root. With consistent use, Nutrafol® users can experience reduced shedding and the emergence of thicker, stronger hair.

Before and After Hair Restoration

Before and after hair restoration treatments

Hair Restoration FAQs

The best time to address hair loss is at the earliest signs of thinning or when you first notice changes in your hair’s density and quality. Early intervention can help slow down the progression of hair loss and, in some cases, reverse the effects. However, patients with more advanced forms may still be good candidates depending on their situation.

Determining if you are a suitable candidate for hair restoration depends on the cause and pattern of your hair loss, your overall health, and your expectations. Individuals experiencing hair thinning due to genetics, environmental factors, or stress may benefit from hair restoration treatments. A consultation with a hair restoration expert is the first step to assess your hair’s condition and discuss the potential for successful treatment outcomes.

Some treatments may offer temporary enhancements, requiring ongoing sessions to maintain results, while others could provide more lasting solutions. The effectiveness of hair restoration treatments may also depend on continuing care and the right combination of treatments for optimal outcomes.

Many of our hair treatments can be combined for more comprehensive and satisfying results. We can help determine which treatments or combination of treatments will best support your hair restoration goals. Many individuals find that using a multi-faceted approach addresses the various underlying causes of hair thinning more effectively than a single treatment method.

Restore Health to Thinning Hair With Hair Restoration in Hyannis & Cape Cod

At Laser Aesthetics of Cape Cod, we offer hair thinning treatments for men and women in Hyannis and Cape Cod, MA, focusing on effective solutions for a variety of hair concerns. With the latest in non-invasive technologies and a comprehensive approach to scalp health, we aim to enhance your hair’s natural growth and vitality. Why go off Cape? Join the Laser Aesthetics family today by calling (508) 778-6363 or reaching out through our online form. Refer a friend or family member today and receive $50 toward your next treatment purchase or service package. We look forward to seeing you soon!