I recently attended an evening seminar hosted by Cheryl Heinzmann RN, BSN with Laser Aesthetics Cape Cod on the subject of CoolSculpting. I was quite impressed with the presentation by Cheryl and her team and felt comfortable moving forward with having one of their many offered procedures.

As with most patients facing a procedure, there is always a tinge of nervousness but I never experienced that with Cheryl. Cheryl patiently walked me through step by step, explaining every detail, answering all my questions and helped manage my expectations. The procedure itself was completely painless and was unexpectedly a nice little “time out” from my busy work schedule. There was really no “downtime” and the results were pretty much what Cheryl had predicted, and were fantastic!

In the end, I am thrilled with the overall results and am so glad I trusted Cheryl and her team. I was impressed not just with Cheryl’s obvious knowledge and application of CoolSculpting, but also by her enthusiasm and comforting approach. Cheryl Heinzmann RN, BSN and her team at Laser Aesthetics are clearly Cape Cod’s GO-TO group for Laser Aesthetics…you will NOT be disappointed.


“First and foremost Cheryl is the consummate professional, ethical, committed and dedicated to her profession to assist her clientele to feel better about themselves. Cheryl is constantly in search of new products and researching new technology and techniques to enhance her client’s skin care and to maintain the health of their skin. Cheryl’s goal is to meet the needs and desires of her clients by choosing the correct services and treatments. Her knowledge and education assists her clients to feel comfortable with their choices. When you decide to enhance and protect your skin and appearance, I highly recommend Cheryl Heinzmann of Laser Aesthetics. You will feel confident in Cheryl’s care and feel great about your choices. You will feel positive about your appearance and will be happy you chose to visit Laser Aesthetics. It’s always a joy to visit Cheryl and I am a very pleased client.”


“I like Cheryl because she listens. She comes up with a plan that will best suit your needs… taking into consideration what she has “heard.” Cheryl Heinzmann is awesome. I went into her office telling her what I was not interested in having done. And from that… made a plan that suits my needs. People are really surprised when I tell them my age. They usually age me 8 to 10 years younger than I am. I say thank you…. and then give them my secret. Cheryl Heinzmann. Cheryl is a great professional. She listens, is honest, and most importantly, her results are fantastic. Cheryl Heinzmann is now part of my health routine: 1) Dentist 2) Mammogram 3) Physical 4) Cheryl”


“I have been with Cheryl for many years. She was the only aesthetician/specialist that was able to remove various red spots I had on my face using laser treatments. From there, she and I have worked together to maintain my skin through chemical peels and different laser treatments. I have always been pleased with the results and Cheryl’s close attention to finding the correct treatments for me and my skin type.”


“Using Fillers or Botox to enhance your features and mask the errors takes an artful hand; Cheryl masterfully manipulates those two treatments and does it painlessly!”


“I love the laser treatments at Laser Aesthetics! I have complete trust in Cheryl and have been using her services for more than five years. Whether it is Titan, Laser Genesis, IPL, I have always seen great results. I highly recommend Cheryl. She is incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, professional, and makes you feel completely at ease. Do this for yourself!”


“I have been seeing Cheryl Heinzmann for my Botox, fillers and laser treatment for years. And in every occasion I have been thrilled with the results. Cheryl never tries to oversell you; she honestly offers solutions to your concerns. You will look refreshed but never like “you’ve had work.” Her background as an RN, Aesthetician AND makeup artist enable her to see what needs to go where in the most aesthetically pleasing way – much like a sculptor!”

“I was very surprised and pleased with my CoolSculpting treatment. It literally took away the “love handles” that diet and exercise did not! Even after gaining and losing a few pounds since my treatment the bulges never returned!”


“I first saw Cheryl for laser hair removal. I had my face and bikini area done. She is extremely professional and very knowledgeable about the procedure. I couldn’t be any happier with the results! Cheryl is such a pleasure that I chose to have BOTOX done after a year of seeing her. What an amazing transformation. It was so subtle that friends and family didn’t realize I had done the treatment. They noticed that my skin looked rejuvenated and more youthful! I would recommend Cheryl and Laser Aesthetics-Cape Cod Internal Medicine for any treatment or procedure.”


“True and absolutely visible results, within a few treatments. Started with BOTOX and dermal fillers in the fall of last year. By spring time, people were commenting on how much younger I looked. Added chemical peels to keep a glow. Cheryl coached me each step of the way, offering suggestions and letting me know when an idea was not really the best treatment option. She is passionate about her work, is very talented in applying treatments to reach maximum results. I am a lifelong client!”