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Skin Tightening Treatments in Hyannis, MA

One of the signs of aging in the skin is laxity or a loss of skin tightness. This can cause the skin on the face or other areas of the body to begin to sag or to look less fresh and youthful. While skin laxity is common, it can make many people feel more self-conscious. 

Thankfully, there are treatments that help to address skin laxity. Not only do systems such as the Potenza™ RF micro-needling platform help to improve the appearance of skin that has lost some of its elasticity, but it can also help to address some of the root causes that are causing the laxity in the first place. At Laser Aesthetics of Cape Cod, we are excited to offer Potenza™ RF micro-needling because we view it as one of the best skin-tightening treatments on the market today.

Why Does Skin Lose Its Tightness?

Skin is made up of three basic layers, the epidermis, the dermis, and the hypodermis. The epidermis is the top layer of skin that you can see. The middle layer, the dermis, functions in part to support the upper layer. Younger skin has plenty of collagen fibers that hold up the top layer of skin like the springs of a mattress.

As you age, these collagen fibers decrease in quantity. This is largely due to the drop-off in collagen production that can occur over time. There are many things that can cause this slowing of collagen production to become even more pronounced, such as stress and UV exposure. 

Many people try to boost their collagen by taking collagen supplements or using topical creams. But, unfortunately, these products do not treat the root cause and they can be largely ineffective for many people. Potenza RF micro-needling is a skin-tightening treatment that is designed to help your body produce more collagen right where you need it most. 

POTENZA™ RF Microneedling for Tighter Skin

Potenza RF Microneedling is a treatment that uses a combination of technologies to support your body’s natural ability to create its own collagen and elastin. By utilizing both microneedling and radiofrequency technology, this platform can help you achieve results deep within your skin. 

Microneedling Benefits

Microneedling is a treatment that can sometimes be surrounded by confusion. This is largely due to at-home dermal roller devices that can be found at any beauty supply store. But unlike these at-home products, the Potenza platform has needles that penetrate downward at precise depths. This device will help to protect your skin from scratching, tearing, and other damage that can occur with other devices. Your skin will get all of the skin-tightening benefits of micro-channeling without injury. 

Microneedling can help trigger a healing response in your skin. When micro-channels are caused by the device’s tiny needles, your body will send fibroblasts to help grow new tissue and produce new collagen and elastin in the area. Through this, you can achieve many benefits such as skin tightening, scar reduction, clearer complexion, fading of sunspots, and more. 

Radiofrequency Energy Benefits

Microneedles can only penetrate so far and they affect the skin in a fractional way while leaving the skin around it untouched. While microneedling by itself can still produce good results, the skin’s healing processes can be stimulated even more through the use of radiofrequency energy. 

When RF energy penetrates the skin through the microneedles, it turns into heat energy. The RF component helps to treat the surrounding tissue as well as the tissue that is treated through the microneedles themselves. This produces a healing response much deeper in the skin and means even more collagen and elastin production. It also causes soft tissue coagulation which helps to tighten loose skin. 

What Makes Potenza™ RF Microneedling Different? 

We have chosen the Potenza platform to help with skin tightening because of the care that has been put into the design of the device. By using this platform, we are able to increase patient comfort and make treatments more effective.  

The Depth of the Needles Can Be Adjusted

Each of our patients is different which means that our treatments need to be customizable. Potenza RF microneedling is one of the best skin-tightening treatments because it allows us to adjust the depth of the needles. We use different depths depending on which part of the face or body we are treating. 

Offers Monopolar and Bipolar Options

Monopolar is when the energy flows downward as far as the hypodermis rather horizontally from needle to needle as with bipolar energy. Potenza RF microneedling offers both in one system to allow for deep and surface-level treatments.

Includes Tiger Tip™ Technology

Tiger Tip technology is a special semi-insulated needle that helps us to treat more areas and achieve better results. With the Tiger Tip, even more, tissue is affected during each treatment. 

Customizable Tip Options 

The Potenza RF micro-needling system has 10 different tips to help make each appointment as customizable as possible. It includes a single-needle tip that can be used in smaller areas such as above the lip or to help target specific conditions. 

Skin Tightening Treatments Near Hyannis, MA

At Laser Aesthetics of Cape Cod, we are located in Hyannis, MA, but we serve many other nearby areas. If you live in Bourne, Provincetown, Sandwich, Falmouth, Harwich, or the surrounding areas, you can take advantage of our skin-tightening treatments. We look forward to scheduling a consultation with you to talk about the Potenza RF micro-needling system and to help you determine if this treatment is right for you. Call us today!